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Incubated specially by doctors, at Healthy Grabz takes pride in being the world’s first oil-free brand of organic snacks. We lay extreme stress on the production of nutritionally well-balanced, as well as high-quality food on a constant basis. Our delivery partners encompass the entirety of the Indian heartland, delivering bundles of goodness throughout. Besides this, our state of the art facilities in the country, coupled with top class storage facilities has resulted in our company winning a lot of hearts throughout the country.


The chips are Oil and sugar-free and are high in fibre. It is mostly suitable for people with healthy diet wanting to embrace natural unprocessed food.


Under the able leadership of Dr Dimple Ganatra, Healthy Grabz Foods pvt Ltd spread its wings to each and every corner of the country with an extremely loyal fanbase.

How we ensure food safety:

When catering to the need of individuals who are particularly health-conscious, delivering top quality vegetable chips with utmost safety is of primary concern to us. Here are just some of the steps we take to ensure that the Aneri Fit Food products you buy are safe to consume.


Our strategy to food safety covers the entirety of the supply chain, starting with farmers and going all the way to the suppliers. We follow a demanding procurement and auditing techniques to guarantee that we choose safe, high-quality raw materials. This includes ascertaining specifications for the substances we employ and conducting checks to assure they invariably comply with the most severe regulations and the latest scientific proficiency.


All our manufacturing facilities, spread throughout the Indian heartland, are designed to ensure we prepare our products to the outstanding quality and safety criteria. This encompasses deterring foreign bodies from penetrating products, facilitating the administration of allergens, and curbing pests. Our manufacture units are all built according to precise prerequisites, including those for clean and safe water supply, for air filtration, and for any material that will come into contact with food. This guarantee that the materials, equipment and manufacturing environment are all designed to produce safe products.

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