Deep Fried Chips/Vacuum fried Chips/Air fried Chips

Deep fried – Full of Fat and cholesterol/Vacuum fried -80% of fat /Air fried -No fat

  • Deep-frying is a traditional method of cooking where food is fully immersed in hot oil.
  • Deep-fried chips are typically crispy, golden brown, and have a rich flavor due to the high oil content.
  • The high temperature of the oil quickly cooks the chips, resulting in a crunchy exterior and a tender interior.
  • Deep-fried chips tend to have a higher fat content compared to other frying methods.

Vacuum Fried Chips:

  • Vacuum frying is a relatively newer technology that involves frying food under reduced pressure or in a vacuum environment.
  • In vacuum frying, the pressure inside the frying chamber is reduced, which allows for frying at lower temperatures compared to traditional deep-frying.
  • Vacuum-fried chips are often considered a healthier alternative to deep-fried chips since they absorb less oil during frying.
  • The lower temperature and reduced oil absorption help retain more nutrients and natural flavors in the chips.

Air Fried Chips:

  • Air frying is a modern cooking method that uses hot air to circulate around the food, providing a similar crispiness to deep frying without the need for a of oil.
  • Air-fried chips are prepared using an air fryer, which requires none oil at all.
  • The chips are cooked by hot air rapidly circulating around the food, creating a crispy texture on the outside.
  • Air frying is generally considered a healthier option than deep frying since it significantly reduces the overall fat content of the chips.

In summary, deep-fried chips are cooked by submerging them in hot oil, resulting in a crispy and flavourful but high-fat product. Vacuum-fried chips are fried in a vacuum environment at lower temperatures, offering a healthier option with 20% less oil absorption than deep fried. Air-fried chips are prepared using hot air circulation, requiring no oil, and are considered a healthier alternative to deep-fried chips. Each method provides different taste and texture profiles, and the choice depends on individual preferences and dietary considerations.

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